Introduction to Sugared Lilac

London- My home... well almost

So, my first post. The only reason why I've decided to create a blog is because I need a way to express myself without being judged and sometimes you just have to let it all out and I have considered this to be a solution previously, but I just never had the guts to. But now I do!
For this, I'm going to call myself Ivory. I don't know why, I just like the name and it's also what my brother and I named our car when we were younger, which was inspired by a shamrock sticker on the back of it. I'm in High School, preparing for my GCSE's next year and super stressed. That's due to the subjects I chose: Art, Music, History and German. I definitely think Art is the most stressful, but I probably enjoy it the most.

"Myself" project final piece (haven't actually finished it yet, just the eyelashes left, but I'll do that over the summer)

When I was choosing what subjects I'd do, I wasn't originally going to do Music, but I'm happy I did because I don't think I would be any better at anything else. There's just quite a lot to the subject which I'm not so confident in, but will hopefully get better at. For History, there's just a lot of essay writing and I have trouble with my reading (there's not a name for it, like dyslexia, but basically, I get extra time in exams and a special pen which reads out words to me which is very cool) which is a bit of a pain, but I just have to get on with it and try my best. And finally, there's German. I didn't get the choice of learning a language, I just had to. But I'm happy I did; it's just a lot of work, especially with the new exams, which means that we practically have to be fluent in the language we chose (I could have picked Spanish but I'm rubbish at it). It sucks but it's alright most of the time.

Apart from school, my life is not very eventful. I used to go to an art club and that was fun; I made some new friends, but it's over now which is sad. I do sometimes go to events, like I went to a battle of the bands a while ago and I played in my school's production of We Will Rock You in the band and as I was the main bassist- I got my own bow (exciting!!!!) along with my friend who played lead guitar. But there isn't a lot more... I'm usually stuck inside doing homework. However, the other day I went to Richmond Park with my dad and brother. We were on our bikes for most of the time but I got bored and just took pictures of flowers at the Isabella Plantation- which is incredible!

My favourite picture from Isabella Plantation
I think I'll write another post specifically for that day with more pictures. I've kinda started rambling now so I'll stop "introducing" myself. I don't know what I'll write about next, or even when, but I have a feeling it will be me talking about random stuff I like because that's easy to talk about and this is a way to put my mind off of other stuff for a while.
Anyway, toodle-oo (such a British thing to say)
Ivory :)